About Us

Founded in 2017, Rich Intention$, was named after our founder, Bryonia Rich. With a RICH INTENTION, she set out to start her very own online boutique! She wanted to showcase how individuals can be BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, and RICH with the guidance of RICH INTENTION$. To her, The word "Rich" was not only her last name, or a word that describes a person's wealth, but it was a word that describes a person's personality, goals, purity, willingness to help others, and most importantly their INTENTION$!
Our goal at RICH INTENTION$ is simple, to provide our customers with high quality, chic, and affordable clothing and accessories. Every product is hand selected by our founder in hopes of giving women and men of all ages, colors, and ethnic backgrounds the confidence and fierceness needed in their everyday life to showcase to the world that they indeed are built with RICH INTENTION$.
 Whoever said that the amount of money in your pockets define how RICH you are?! By being apart of the RICH INTENTION$ Brand, YOU are promising to uplift and glorify individuals within your presence. We are all beautiful, we all love, we all have dreams, and we all should have RICH INTENTION$!